Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cirque Du Soleil's AMALUNA: A Celebration of Strength and Beauty

This past Sunday I was invited to see the fabulous Cirque Du Soleil show, Amaluna.
I love when Cirque comes to Altanta.
Like the vintage carnivals of yesteryear, the caravan rolls into town and pitches their enormous Big Top on the edge of Atlanta's Atlantic Station where it is clearly visible from many angles of the city.
After seeing Totem two years ago, I was elated to have the chance to experience their newest creation.

I've seen a few of their performances in my day, and I have to say that seeing it under the Big Top is THE way to see Cirque Du Soleil.
It is an intimate setting where every single seat yields a perfect view and the audience is easily a part of the action regardless of the row.  Of course, the closer you sit, the more intense it is, but the energy can be felt with force no matter where your ticket has placed you.

As with all Cirque shows, Amaluna has no shortage of pageantry through costumes, choreography, music and set design.
Dazzling special effects, lighting, and pyrotechnics.
And of course (why we've come to love Cirque in the first place) the amazing, death-defying stunts, acrobatics, and magic.

But there is one very distinctive way that Amaluna is different from other Cirque shows.
For the first time in Cirque Du Soleil’s 30 year history, the cast of this production is 70% female. 
Given the name as translated is “Mother Moon,” Amaluna was created to showcase and celebrate the strength and beauty of women.
Each artist portrays a strong and dominate female character through their own special brand of talent, balance, grace, and fearless athleticism.
And the music!
For me, the music was definitely a highlight of the show. The voices and the rock-fusion that came from that all-girl band was nothing short of explosive!

Oh... the guys… they were good too!
There is nothing like a male pole dancer!
Just putting it out there… do with it what you want.

Learning that Amaluna was a “girl thing” added and extra layer of appreciation for the show.
It also made me even more glad that my mom was my date for the evening.
She moved to Atlanta from Maryland around this time last year and has been (as always) a blessing to me and my kids.
Usually when I am off on my social media adventures, she is the one who watches my kids.
But not this time.
I wanted her to experience some of the excitement of this life that her presence allows me to live.

I enjoyed Amaluna very much and I know you will too!

Amaluna will be in Atlanta through November 30th. Click HERE for tickets and show times.  Next US cities are Miami and Houston.