Your Big Sister's Guide to Surviving College 

An insightful map to help girls navigate the journey through life as a college student. told in a "big sister to little sister" manner. 

In 1997, I wrote a freshman year college survival guide for my little sister that I presented to her when she moved into her dorm room for the first time. This amateur, Kinko's produced spiral bound book contained advice on every aspect and scenario of what a young girl can expect in college and how to handle herself. My material was largely based on the experiences and sometimes the mistakes made by me and my friends. 

In 2007, I resurrected the piece to bring it to all college-bound young ladies.  I remember what i t was like having to learn the ‘hard way’ about life on campus and life in general. For many girls, going away to college is literally a crash course on becoming a woman and being completely responsible for yourself. My goal is to ‘soften the blow’ a bit and help young ladies learn life’s lessons armed with common sense and a little big sister wisdom.