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Putting my gift of gab to good use...

Like my many manuscripts, my life is a work in progress. I strive to enlighten as I entertain. 

I talk...a lot...about people, places, and #CoolestThings that move and motivate me.

I'm always on an adventure... This space is where I tell those stories.

I'm a writer, a metaphor slayer, a hashtag ninja, a music snob, a book nerd, and a caffeine-addicted multi-tasking mom attempting to use my real world experiences to cultivate a life I love. I left the corporate world and my own successful project management firm behind to become a published author, content producer, and social media marketing consultant.

The creative, clever, candid, and always heavily caffeinated contents of my imperfectly inspired life are spewed across my blogs, articles, and social sites in a hodge-podge of misfit-mommy wisdom, ah-ha moments, entrepreneurial encouragement, and reviews of the #CoolestThings I find that make my inner Wonder Woman, my inner "Solid Gold Dancer", and my inner Geek go ga-ga (not necessarily in that order).

My methods are unfounded, if not unconventional, yet somehow I manage to enlighten people...or at least entertain them which works just as well. My overall mission is to put smiles on faces and if you're not smiling right haven't had enough coffee!

More chatter...

Your comments are certainly welcome here, however, I invite you to engage in more creative, clever, candid, and heavily caffeinated conversations with me on Twitter and/or Google+