Google+ Go-To Girl

Want to get to know Google+?
Stick with me, and I'll show you around!

I used feel like an outcast in my blogging/social media community. Like a traitor because I seemingly abandoned Twitter and Facebook and have found a comfy home in Google+.
Just like with all apps, I was just trying it out and I liked it.
Somehow I managed to find "sanctuary" there.
My success on Google+ was entirely by accident.
By success I mean that (by my own standards) I have successfully achieved a desired level of social engagement there.
I did in one year on Google+ what took three years to do on Twitter and Facebook.
Simply by NOT looking at it as just another social media platform.

YOU can be successful on Google+ too!

Whether you are plan to use it personally, for your blog, or for your business/brand... even if you're just curious... I can help you get to know Google+ and how you can use it to achieve your social media goals... whatever they may be.

Conference session leader or panelist
Seminars/Webinars for groups, organizations, or marketing teams
Guest blog | Article
One-on-One consultations and training sessions

Topics can be broad, general overviews of the platform and how it works or specific areas of platform functions such as profiles/circle creation, pages/communities creation/management, posting, and Hangouts.


"Christie is a G+ guru!! She presented a workshop at Blogalicious 2012 called: "Google+ and Pinterest: Get to Know These New Kids on the Block!" and delivered on the promise of helping the attendees increase their followings and improve their engagement. People left Christie's session chock-full of information and inspiration and wanting more!"
{Stacey Ferguson - Chief Curator, Blogalicious}

"Thanks so much for your tips using Google+. Before working with you I was about to abandon the website altogether because I felt like no one was there to listen or participate. You convinced me to give it another try. I'm still working at it, but I have been seeing more search traffic coming from Google+ to my blog and the company that I work for too. I'm not ready to give up Google+ quite yet. Thank you!"
{Dana Jones - Blogger & Social Media Consultant}

"Christie is very knowledgeable when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of Google Plus. She was my first choice, Go-to person when I wanted to share information with my Social Media audience about Google Plus. The Chat that she conducted was very interactive and it gave me, as well as my audience, another perspective and way to view progressive Social Media outlets. I have since utilized G+ to conduct interviews, participated in movie screenings, as well as independently hosted G+ hangouts on Fashion, Social Media, and more!"
{Ericka (@SwarthyDaisy) - Blogger & Social Media Influencer}

"Christie helped me understand the differences between Google + and other social media outlets and how to use it to garner different results, rather than just another social media platform."
{Sue Rodman - Blogger & Social Media Influencer}

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