Friday, May 30, 2014

Move over Disney Princesses, the Magnificent Maleficent Has Arrived

In case the title and photo didn't clue you in, I attended an advanced screening of Disney's Maleficent this week.

Translation: I loved it!

The Disney magic that we've grown accustomed to with this type of movie does not disappoint.
It's visually amazing.  I highly recommend splurging for the 3D version, but it will still be dazzling without it.

I cannot say enough about Angelina Jolie's performance!
Like how Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow... and Bryan Cranston IS Walter White...
Angelina Jolie IS Maleficent!
Seriously, she was made for this role... and vice versa.
Not implying that it was award-worthy or anything but... she's damn good!

But enough about that...

This is not your mama's tale of Sleeping Beauty... and that is clearly the intent.
Yes, this is the untold story of how Maleficent became the alleged villain of the fairy tale we were originally sold on.
But it is also Sleeping Beauty's story told from another perspective... hers.

I am really loving the direction Disney is taking with their recent films in how they are creating more empowered female characters and changing what it means to be a princess.
No longer helpless and in need of rescuing from a prince they barely know.
I truly feel they are really on to something here... a new trend of the villain backstory...
After all, villains are rarely born... they are made.
Their stories are never told because we only get the version as written by the so-called good guys to make them look... well... good.
All I have to say is Maleficent's rise to villainy (barring one or two slight overreactions) was completely justified.
Hands down, my new favorite Disney character... and a queen in her own right!

I have to say that, in my humble opinion, this is NOT a movie for children... at least not little ones. (kind of like Pirates of the Caribbean)
It's got some scary stuff... mean creatures and lots of violence.
I said earlier that it is not your mama's Sleeping Beauty and that's also because Maleficent's story is kinda "deep."
The plot might be a little complicated for younger kids to get into.
They will enjoy the action and the visual stimulation but the rest could be completely lost on them.
I witnessed this first hand sitting next to a kid who was about 5.  She wasn't scared but she was bored to tears.
I'd say this movie works for ages 10 and up.
Adults, on the other hand... especially women... will love it.
Guys... watch and learn...
Like I said... villains are rarely born, they are made.
Just sayin...

Maleficent hits theaters today and it is a must-see!
Let me know what you think!