Friday, May 16, 2014

Having a #BeYOUtiful Mother's Day at Roc House Fitness Spa #AtlantaMomsRoc

I had an amazing start to my Mother's Day weekend.
Last week, I had the pleasure of spending a splendid Saturday morning with some of my favorite fellow Atlanta blogging moms at Roc House Fitness Spa... a gym experience that is... to put it mildly... a game changer.

First of all... it's not just a gym.
It is a total body wellness center.
It is the sancturary that women would wish to escape to...
The only thing missing is bedrooms!
And... its just for Women!

So let's start with the obvious... yes, Roc House is a fitness center.
Weights, machines, cardio equipment, personal training services, and a collection of the the coolest classes I've ever heard of.
My blog-buddies and I experienced the Ballet Barre class that should be renamed Ballet Boot Camp.
Consider our collective asses kicked, ok!
I'm still feeling it.
The dancer I once was definitely don't live here no mo!

Roc House is also a Spa and Salon.
Massages, facials, waxing, hair styling, mani/pedis, and more!
After that killer ballet class, having an exquisite massage was much needed and extremely appreciated.  
Bless you, Utamu, and your healing hands!

As I mentioned before, Roc House is a sanctuary.
You can come to Roc House even when working out or getting pamperd is not on your agenda!
They've got comfortable lounge areas to curl up with a book or magazine, chat with girlfriends, or even get some work done.  
Yes... they have Wi-Fi.
There's also a cafe with delicious, healthy meals... nutritious smoothies... and...
(wait for it) 

See... all they need is a bedroom and I'm moving in!

So you're reading this thinking...
"Okay, how many of my first born am I going to have to cough up for this joint?"

Roc House doesn't want anyone to miss out on this experience.
Spa and salon prices are comprarable to the average you'd expect.
I found them to be a bit lower than expected considering the "Buckhead" location.
Fitness Classes are $10-15 ea.
For all services you can purchase packages, day-passes, and they do offer a monthly membership where many services are included and unlimited.

From the looks of this place and what you get, I put the monthly membership easily at a minimum of $200.
Our jaws dropped when we heard $99... with no commitment.  It's all month-to-month.
Our jaws dropped further when we heard that you don't have to be a member.  
Come when you want... as often as you want... and pay for the classes, spa/salon, and other services you use.

Roc House proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they not only appreciate women...
they get us!
They worked to create a one-stop-shop and "retreat" atmosphere with a price tag that can work with even the most modest of wallets.

I can't wait to go back!

You can see more stories from our event by searching #AtlantaMomsRoc on Twitter and Instagam.
And be sure to check out Roc House on Instagram! You will be amazed!