Monday, May 12, 2014

And Now... On to #LexusAdventures

It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to share my latest adventures.
I'm kinda bummed about it too...
I don't like when "life" keeps me away from writing...
But hey... I gotta sleep sometime, right?

So in the interest of time (and not knowing when I will get the opportunity to write here again), I will sum up my last two Lexus Adventures...

The first one was quite unexpected...
And I believe that was by design.
So far, I'd been driving sedans and small SUVs.
While they were all a welcome change from the minivan, they were still sort of "family" oriented.
That all changed when the Lexus LS-F Sport showed up.

There was nothing at all mommy about this ride...

To say that this is a sexy car would be a gross underestimation.
I was warned that this car was going to turn heads.
Looks aside, it's a brand-spaking new model.
At the time, there were only 4 on the road in Atlanta including the one I was driving.

And it did turn heads!
The attention this car got was insane!

You know my favorite thing to do on my adventures is to valet park.
In the valet circle, not one but THREE attendants came to the car... one even offered to help cary my briefcase!
Needless to say... I had the time of my life behind the wheel of this baby!

For the ladies that have the need for speed, this is the vehicle for you!
It handles beautifully and you can "punch it" without it "getting away from you."

If you are looking for practicality... keep looking.
The LS-F Sport is all about showing off!
Plus it siphons gas like a kid with a juice box!

And... the second adventure...

The Lexus GX460 was my first experience with a BIG SUV.
But it didn't seem so big.
Sure you kind of need to take a running leap to get in it...
But once inside, it didn't feel as massive as you might expect.

It didn't have that "truck" feel when I drove it.
It felt like a sedan that just happened to be very high off the ground.
I was amazed at my parking skills with this vehicle... even better than the minivan!

I guess since I am no stranger to the "family" mobile, there's not too much I can say about this one.
With these kinds of vehicles, it's all about the creature comforts... you've got to go big or what's the point, right?
Loved that I could connect my phone and my iPad via Bluetooth.
The back up camera has a ridiculously wide angle and turns night into day when you're in reverse!
I also like that newer models have the guide lines that make backing into a parking space a work of art.

By far the best feature... according to my children... was the rear seat warmers.
Lucky for us there were just enough chilly mornings for them to give it a good testing.

Until my next adventure, my friends...