Friday, December 13, 2013

My Adventures with the Toyota Prius v

Boy... I tell ya...
It's great being busy... but I hate being too busy to blog sometimes.
So many great adventures... it's tough to keep up in real time.
Thank goodness for Instagram or I'd be sunk... you'd have no idea where the heck I am or what heck I'm doing if it wasn't in existence.

I am extremely overdue telling you all about my adventures with the Toyota Prius v.
My friends at Toyota let me drive one for a week and it was shear bliss!
A dream car for someone like me...

As most of you know, I drive a minivan.
It kills me on gas and while it is convenient for a grocery-grabbing-soccermom, let's face it... with the carpool stickers on the windshield, muddy cleats, and God-only-knows-what growing in the rear cup holders... it's SO not sexy.
I dread valet parking for events.
For one week I got to shed the minivan.. and all self-imposed stigmas that go with it.

The Prius v is, in my opinion, a practical, family sportscar.
It's deceivingly roomy on the inside so there was plenty of room for my two little soccer-stars and all that goes with them to and from school, practices, and games.
It's also very cute and sassy so when I was in it by myself, I felt more Mami than Mommy.
My favorite feature is definitely the panoramic moon roof.

Can I tell you that I am now in love with hybrids?
Dude, the gas mileage is insane... in a good way!  40+ miles to the gallon!
I had a full tank of gas and in one week, I barely put a dent in it!
And I was trying to!
I was driving EVERYWHERE on purpose... taking the long way.
My daughter had a few games outside of metro Atlanta so that helped pack on the miles.
Nope... still had just a tad under a 1/2 tank left when they took it away.

Getting used to the quiet of a hybrid vehicle... not to mention the key-less start... was a small (and sometimes funny) challenge.
The car doesn't "hum" and there is no vibration when it is idle so it doesn't feel "on."
That, plus the push-button start, I often got out of the car without turning it off.
Thank goodness it beeps at you to remind you.

Well as you can see here (and if you follow me on Instagram) that the kiddos and I had a ball with this car.
My days of wheeling around the minivan are (hopefully) coming to an end.
The Prius v is definitely topping the list of possible replacements