Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Character-Driven Christmas

It's been a long long time since I've answered a writing prompt.
Truthfully, they are difficult for me... feels like taking a timed test or something... too much pressure.
I haven't posted anything for Writing Wednesday in a while...
Plus this one I found has a holiday theme... so I figure, what the heck?
I'll go for it...

Hmmmm... considering I have more than one work of fiction in progress, it's hard to single out just one protagonist... let alone come up with five things each of them would want.
Currently, I'm working with four... and they're very complex.
Thinking about what each of them would want for Christmas is forcing me to see how similarly I write such different characters.
One is a bitter, cynical 40-something script writer (no, it's not me).
One blogs, writes books, and has been extremely unlucky in love and life (no, it's not me).
One has supernatural powers.
One is dead.
All of them women.
All of them probably would want something intangible for Christmas...

Kendyl would be happy to just spend Christmas with her family in DC instead of being stuck on location in LA.  An Emmy or two wouldn't hurt either.

Gabrielle probably will never admit this out loud, but getting closure (not reconciliation) from her father and her sister will bring her peace.  A healthy dose of self-acceptance would do some good as well.

Francesca needs a break.  She deserves a day off from fighting the scum of the earth and she really deserves to feel something other than the presence of evil.  She could also use a mobile phone. Showing up on Archer's fire escape when she needs to talk is getting old.

Natalie would give anything to save her sister's life.  That, and just hug her one more time.  The only other thing she could ever want to have would be her life back.  If only she had valued herself more.

Now I think I'll add getting these books finished/published to my Christmas list!
I know what you're thinking...
I'm working on it, okay... I'm working on it! ;)