Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nothing Says #The40DoOver Like A Good Gig

In the life of a freelancer, it can be feast or famine...
And that doesn't always apply to income. 
There are good gigs... and not-so-good gigs. 
There are times when I have to take what I can get in order to keep my head above water. 
But every once in a while, the stars will perfectly align in my favor and I will be blessed with an awesome gig. 

And so... the "blue moon" has risen. 

As I mentioned in my last post, I love what I do because I do what I love. 
I meant that in the broad sense of everything I do... as a woman, as a mother... as a creative... 
For the first time in a very long time I can say... I love my work.

Just in time to be folded into "The 40 Do Over" I land an amazing gig with some amazing people.
After a couple of years of hit-and-miss client work, I have finally stumbled on a hit... possibly a home run... and a very good fit!
A fit for my lifestyle...
A fit for my talent...
A fit for my personality...
Tailor-made... practically perfect.

This gig is refreshing and the work excites me.
It's been forever since I've looked forward to the daily grind of project work.
It challenges me... I'm pushed beyond the realm of what I already know.
I'm in an environment where I am sometimes the teacher... and sometimes the student.
I feel like the possibilities and the opportunities are endless.
I also feel like I am doing the kind of work I was always meant to do.
Could it be... my time has finally come?

I don't know how long this gig will last.
In the spirit of being present... I will enjoy it while it is here.
To arrive within the month where I am celebrating me... it could not have come at a better time.
The Universe has a funny way of doing that, right?