Monday, November 4, 2013

#The40DoOver is Not Done Yet...

Scenes from my birthday shenanigans
I have to say that the month of  "The 40 Do Over" was a great success!
I got to go to my favorite conference.
I drove a Lexus and flew in a WWII airplane.
I did a Zumba-Thon for Breast Cancer
I got a pampering massage... twice!
I got a new gig.
I got to ride around in a brand new Prius V for a week.
Beautiful cards and birthday wishes.
I treated myself to some trinkets from some Living Social deals.
And I had a blast with my family and friends!
Yep... an overwhelming success!

Taking the time to do little things to celebrate my life... myself all month long made celebrating my actual birthday more special.
Not only that, because I didn't save all the festivities for one day, it made any hiccups in plans way less stressful or disappointing.
Now I truly understand why some people celebrate for the entire month of their birthday.
And now that I have done it myself, I've gotten a little spoiled... maybe even a little greedy...
I don't want it to just end with the month of October.
While my birthday month has past, celebrating my 41st year of life is just getting started!

I plan to continue my self-celebration throughout the year.
Taking time to do nice things for myself... even if it's just taking a 15 minute power nap.
Giving myself tokens of appreciation... even if it's just treating myself to my favorite coffee
And when I can splurge... I have some things on my wish list that have not come true yet waiting for me.

This month has also taught me how much incorporating just small amounts of acts of kindness towards myself went a long way towards helping me be less stressed and more present... as well as more giving toward others.
Why wouldn't I want that to continue all year round?

As a woman and a mother it is nearly impossible not to feel slightly guilty all of this.
We tend to be programmed to believe that kind of behavior and thinking is selfish.
It's not selfish... it is self-care... and it is a necessity because I am a woman and especially because I am a mother.
Say it with me... "If mama ain't happy... ain't nobody happy!"
And right now... mama is feeling pretty damn good :)