Friday, October 18, 2013

Living "The Good Life"

What is living "The Good Life?"
When everything in all areas of your life (and sub-sections of those areas) is absolutely perfect, right?
Oh and being rich, of course!
As most of us know, having every area (and sub-section of those areas) of your life be absolutely perfect (and being rich) is nearly impossible.
Somethings will be good… some things will be not-so-good.
Sometimes we let one or two bad areas define the whole life… and they can… if we let them.

For me, living "The Good LIfe" is being content with the way things are right now.
A little something I learned while practicing being present.
If you're always waiting for the aforementioned  "Good Life" to arrive, you kind of miss out on the good in your life that's already here.  Because… when you stop to think about it… it's not all bad.

The other part of living "The Good Life" is doing what you love.
A lot of people equate that with what they do for a living.
Doing what you love does not always have be about work and income.
You do what you love… because you love to do it… period.

This all came to me this morning because I was feeling really good.
It's kinda weird when I feel this good so my first instinct is to investigate why.
I realized I was feeling good because life... for the most part... is good.
Everything is far from perfect… and I am nowhere in the vicinity of being rich. 
I am a work in progress… always evolving… always striving to be better today than I was the day before.
Be that as it may… I am content with my life right now and I am doing what I love.
It just happened to dawn on me this morning that I needed to take a moment and celebrate it.

Too often I am focused on the things in my life that are not-so-good… 
And get this… I sometimes even dwell on the not-so-good parts of the good things!  Imagine that!
I mean… hello… my first instinct was to question why I felt so good this morning!

And that's when I knew I had to stop.
I inhaled my contentment… and exhaled the need to understand it.
Because the evidence was right in front of my face, surrounding me… and in my soul.

Living "The Good Life".. it's not all or nothing…
Because there will always be "something."
And that "Good Life" that you are waiting for is never going to arrive.
It's already here… and you may be missing it!