Monday, July 15, 2013

Epic Adventures: My Week Without MultiTasking

I am a self-proclaimed MultiTask Master.
The ability to do several things at once, I wear like a badge of honor.
Fuel for my Wonder-Woman-clad ambitions to tame the wild beast that is productivity.
Already armed with ADHD, I strived to use my naturally-scattered-brain powers for good.

I recently discovered that this is probably the worst title to give myself and credo to live by.
When I'm multitasking, I'm not present.

Well... Duh!
For as much as I practice yoga and meditation, you would think I'd know better.
It wasn't until I read chapter 25 in my friend, Ando's book, Transform Your Day, that I realized that I need to be more present off the mat as much as I am present on it.
In other words, be present in everything I do.

"Being Present" is often equated with being completely still... in a meditative state...
Believing that you have to press "pause" for a given period of time.
It's that pause that often trips us up.  We tend to think that in our daily routine of plate spinning and information bingeing, pressing pause on all but one plate will set forth the Mayan Apocalypse.  At the very least there's a feeling of "missing out" on something.

The truth is, the only thing we miss is the stress of our mind being in many places at once.

And so...
I'm going to try a week without multitasking!

Now hold on there... relax... I'm not crazy...
I'm not going "cold turkey" here...
So that I don't completely shock my system, I'm taking baby steps...
I'm just going to consciously do one activity each day, fully present.


I know this isn't going to be easy...
Training my brain to focus on one thing at a time is hard enough...
But only doing one thing at a time?
I'm a mother and an entrepreneur...
Dude, that's going to take some work.
But I'm a Goonie... and Goonies never say die!
I'm putting on my big-girl-pants and going in...

Wish me luck!
(and yes, my efforts will be chronicled right here so stay tuned)

Oh... and please get your hands on a copy of Ando's book! 
Well worth the $2.99, I promise!!

BUY IT HERE: Transform Your Day