Wednesday, July 17, 2013

REVIEW: TURBO... A Must See Lesson In Owning Your Awesomeness

As you all know, I am always excited to get an invite to advanced screenings of cool movies.
This past weekend I got the opportunity to take my kiddos to check out the new Dreamworks production, TURBO in 3D.
Dude... Seriously... I cannot remember the last time an animated movie got me so hype!
A must see for kids and adults... especially those who are trying to do some epic shi... er... stuff!

I'll go ahead and quickly get the technical stuff out of the way...
I'm a fan of Dreamworks animation... I like the work they put out but I'm not gonna lie... I am a Pixar girl through and through.  Maybe it's my warped sense loyalty to Disney and Steve Jobs, but just like I prefer Marvel over DC Comics, Pixar just "does it for me."
Well, Dreamworks definitely gives Pixar a run with this one!
It is visually amazing!  The point of view shots are outstanding!
It's like an Fast and Furious with snails and it's bloody fantastic!
(you know without the violence and the grand theft auto n stuff)

And the story...
Talk about an empowering feel-good with lessons for all ages with the witty humor that we've come to expect from Dreamworks.
Kids will automatically get out of it the triumph of doing something great despite the odds which is a common theme in most animate movies.
A deeper theme is to not let limitations... no matter what they are... make you feel "small" and that you can't do something "big."  Or that your limitations are "limits"... there's always a "work-around" and where there's a will, there's always a way.
The biggest theme that resonated with me personally is to be yourself, believe in yourself, and go the distance even when it's not popular... even when the people closest to you and love you the most just don't understand.

TURBO is an exciting and funny thrill ride from start to finish.
It's in theaters TODAY so grab the kiddos and go!  If you don't have any kids and can't find any to borrow for a couple of hours, so what, go see it anyway... it's more than worth it :)