Monday, March 25, 2013

Putting Up A Fight

I've always wanted to try kickboxing.
It looked fun. It looked intense.
A combination of strength and endurance training mixed with cardio all wrapped up in a neat little package.
Good stuff.
The promise of an amazing workout.

But I have a confession...
I tried kickboxing because I wanted to beat something up.
Hit it.  Pulverize it.

I felt the need to "fight."
The desire to concentrate all of my energy and emotion to my fists and release it through a powerful blow that connected with the jaw or body of the enemies I pictured on the surface of the heavy bag.
Occasionally, the enemies had a face.
More often, they formed words... fear, doubt, negativity, inadequacy, bullshit.
Sometimes, I saw myself... the me that needs a good swift kick in the ass... for whatever reason.

The rumors were true... it, indeed, is an amazing workout.
It took everything out of me.
But it replaced it with physical power I never knew I possessed.
A physical power that I've always wanted.

The desire to hit something is now satiated.
I no longer feel the need.
I am satisfied knowing that I can.

Special thanks to the folks at X3 Sports (Marietta) for an unforgettable experience.