Monday, April 22, 2013

Kmart Got Your Attention... Their Work Is Done!

So I was watching Good Morning America today and saw all the hoopla over the new #ShipMyPants Kmart commercial that has gone viral on YouTube.
If you haven't seen it yet… take a look…

It's funny, right?
People are pissed.
Currently the commercial is only online but it is supposed to hit television soon and only airing after 9:00pm… for obvious reasons.
People are pissed.
They are all over social media gasping, clutching their pearls, covering their children's ears, and wagging their fingers in outrage.
"How dare you, Kmart!? How dare you taint your wholesome family brand image with such near-profane filth!?"

(insert exasperated sigh with an extra long eye roll here)
Gimme a break.

Okay… don't get me wrong… I get it.
You don't want your little ones running around saying "ship my pants" any more than you wanted them running around singing "bow-chicka-wow-wow."
Personally, I don't see this ad being all that different from the "sex sells" ads of Victoria Secret and Old Spice. What about the Herbal Essence shampoo-gasms and the Liquid Plumber menage a trois?
Think about the countless brands you see using ridiculous violence or gross behavior and yes, plays on words to sell their products… or at least get you to notice them. I missed the fist-shaking outrage on those… clearly it wasn't enough to get it on GMA.

Bottom line… Kmart did exactly what it wanted to do and that was get your attention… get you talking about it… and hey, hopefully get you into a store so you can ship your pants too.

Love it or hate it, it's just damn good marketing.
Some folks just need to lighten up.