Monday, January 7, 2013

My First Adventure... Venturing Out! #EpicAdventures #LoveMyBody

Since late 2011, I have experienced a professional shift.
Not just in the type of work I do and my work load but also where I do my work.
In the general sense, I work from home because I work for myself.
But there was a time when my work always took me out… outside, that is.
Especially when I was a gallivanting "BlogRoller."
Now... not so much. 
Occasionally, I work from a client's office but mostly, I literally work from home
And worse… from my bed.
The sedentary blogger/freelance writer's life has set in again… and apparently taken up residency around my mid-section.
After all the hard work I did two-almost-three years ago to rid myself of The Fat Pants, they've been lurking around threatening to move back in.
SO Not cool.
And SO not happening!

In addition to the toll this is taking on me physically, it is also doing one helluva jedi mind trick as well.
Some days I feel literally "imprisoned" by my surroundings and at war with myself within them.
Those of you who work from home know what a blessing and a curse it is.
While there is freedom and flexibility there is also a power struggle between work-work and house/home-work that can plague you throughout the day.
The need for work|life balance becomes almost insatiable.

My most productive days are polar opposites…
One day, the house will be nearly spotless but not one piece of billable work complete…
Another day I'll crank out client work product making a decent day's wage while dishes and laundry pile up and sunlight peeking through blinds paints a spectacular picture of how long it's been since I've dusted or vacuumed.
In both scenarios, I am in pajamas with a disheveled ponytail, unbrushed teeth, and consuming whatever morsel of junk that requires the least amount of effort to prepare/consume when it occurs to me to eat.
Again… SO not cool.

As I learned from my first battle of the bulge, the one thing I need to do above anything else is move my ass!
I have already put into practice a daily exercise routine but, now, I realize that this needs to go beyond just exercise.
I need to venture out.

Just because I work from home, doesn't mean I have to work from home!
I can work anywhere. So why not work from anywhere? I mean, duh?

Getting a change of daily scenery could improve productivity not to mention be an amazing source of creative inspiration, right?
Not only that, it will make me move!
I will get up and out of bed.
Shower, shit, shave and put on some real clothes!
Comb my… okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves here… but you get it ;)

One of my intentions for this year is to "explore" more.
Get out and see my city (and others)
Discover new WriteSpaces.

If I can literally make my office anywhere I want and improve my physical and professional well-being while doing it... Then what am I waiting for?