Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Adventures in Storytelling (and Best of #ProjectLife365 - Days 1-6)

I am really taking this "adventure" thing by storm, I think.
Stretching myself creatively is one of the exciting challenges I have issued to myself.
Joining Project Life 365 and the G+ 365 Project is definitely swinging for the fences.
These are photo challenges in which I must take and post an original photo every single day for 365 consecutive days.  It didn't have to start with January 1, but being that it is a photo-a-day for an entire year, it seemed fitting to start at the beginning of the calendar year.

I figured it would be easy...since I take pictures all the time... practically daily... I could do this.
Piece of cake, right?
Yes... and no.
I am learning that I am approaching taking photos the same way I approach my writing...
I can't force it... and I'm not going to post just anything.

So, this is a true challenge...
A challenge to find beauty in ordinary things.
A challenge to show this beauty in the most creative way.
A challenge to stay the course... and finish.

Best of #ProjectLife365 - Days 1-6