Monday, November 12, 2012

Nothing Says #DoEpicShit Like Being Called A B.I.T.C.H!

Two of my favorite inspirational sHeroes, Akilah Richards and Katrina Harrell have written an amazing manual for women that has Do Epic Shit written all over it!
If you are in that weird place of knowing that you have so much to give, that you are an amazing creative force... an innovator, that you are worth your weight in gold x10, that you are fit to rule the world but you just can't seem to make the right moves (points to self) then you need to GET FREE!

How She Got Free | A 5-Step Manual Spiritual Business Manual for Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship

"Severely undervaluing your time, energy, and physical resources is not a sign of leadership; it is proof of fear. To release that fear, you must be willing to leave Standing in Your Value off the negotiating table of business and life."

THIS right here is yet another good swift kick in the ass that I really need.  Now I have it in book form so I can refer to it often... print it out... highlight the good-parts (which is almost the whole book)

To be successful... to do your Epic Shit you need to get to the core of that BITCH inside you!
Yes, I called you a BITCH... I'm a BITCH too!
You wanna know why?  READ THE BOOK! 

Never have I been so spiritually and emotionally moved to get off my ass and make my shit happen!
Could be because it is two women that I love and respect personally and professionally kicking me... but nevertheless, I feel it.
The challenge of this manual takes you from realizing your purpose to designing your life on your terms to acheive it.
It involves getting real with yourself, your circumstances, and the others around you so you can be FREE to live your best and most successful life.
I have to apologize if it seems I'm being very vague about the contents... honestly, it's just hard to put it into words... you have to experience it for yourself!

Some of you reading this now, see the words "entrepreneurial woman" and think this does not appy to you.
If you have subscribed to this list and you get these messages from me in your inbox, that means you've got Epic Shit to do...
Make no mistake, my loves... this book is EXACTLY for you!

For more information about the book and the authors, please visit the How She Got Free website.