Friday, November 16, 2012

Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence... A Tribute to My Brother-In-Law

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month...
November is Cancer Survivor Month...

This month...on this very day... marks the one-year anniversary that my brother-in-law, Tony Stephens (Command Sergent Major, 704th Brigade Support Battalion), is 100% FREE of Pancreatic Cancer!

To honor this amazing milestone for our family, my sister sent out to her family and friends across the country purple bracelets and ribbons with "Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence - Tony Stephens - 11-16-11" on them for us to wear in support and celebration.
(Left) My older sister Michel (Tony's wife) and my niece Ariel... (Right) Me and my younger sister Kelly

Tony is currently serving in Afganistan so she had us all take pictures with our bracelets and she compiled them into collages that she posted on Facebook for him to see today.  His battalion also gave him a surprise party today as well.

Pancreatic Cancer is the 5th deadliest cancer.  The survival rate is low.  You can only imagine how blessed our family is and how glad that his strength combined with love and faith allowed him to overcome and still be with us...laughing... joking... being our Tony.

Just sharing a little slice of my life and reminding you all that life is not only precious, it is also short.  Never go a day without letting those you love know that you do!
(Left) My babies... (Right) My brother-in-law Sean (Kelly's husband) and my nephew Avery