Thursday, October 11, 2012

I AM Google Plus

I used feel like an outcast in my blogging/social media community. Like a traitor because I seemingly abandoned Twitter and Facebook and have found a comfy home in Google Plus. Just like with all apps, I was just trying it out and I liked it. Somehow I managed to find "sanctuary" there.  My success on Google Plus was entirely by accident. By success I mean that (by my own standards) I have successfully achieved a desired level of social engagement there. I did in one year on Google Plus what took three years to do on Twitter and Facebook. How? Simply by NOT looking at it as just another social media platform.

As I mentioned prior to speaking about it at Blogalicious, the most common excuses I hear for avoiding Google Plus are "I can't get into it" and "I don't know anybody on it"
Here's my response...

Google Plus is NOT Facebook so stop treating it like that. Sure there are some similarities but they are very different. As long as you continue to look at G+ with Facebook eyes, you will never be able to embrace it properly and use it to your advantage.

You don't know anyone on Google Plus? Guess what…that's perfect! There are 100 million active users to make friends with. I guarantee there are a few folks on there that have something in common with you. You know me, right? I've got about 600 people I could introduce you to. G+ is not about who you already know. You need to look beyond your obvious audience.

Google Plus is all about information, collaboration, and conversations on common interests…in other words, a haven for the "niche" with the SEO bells and whistles to boot… think about it.

This week, as a part of an assignment, I was asked to answer this question…

If I was a Google product, which one would I be?

I am Google Plus. 
I talk a lot…about a lot of things. 
I enlighten as I entertain with creative, clever, and candid conversations. 
I love to talk as much as I love to listen so there is no limit to our collective "character" expression.
Sharing information and expertise to the masses is one of my strong suits.
Connecting and collaborating on an intimate level with my inner circles is a passion. 
I can be broad. I can be specific. 
I mix business with pleasure…beautifully. 
In my presence, strangers become soul mates. 
Hanging out with me is like getting to hug your best friend…even if we've never touched in person.
You can talk to me about anything and everything.
Sharing your thoughts with me is always a "plus"… and a plus from me speaks volumes… so much more than a "like."
I've been known to have a bit of influence in this space so if you want, I will shout you out to the world. Or if need be, I can keep things just between us. 
I am Google Plus. 
You didn't have to know me before you got here to connect with me.
Our common interests caused our paths to cross. 
I'm glad we're here. 
My mission is to put smiles on faces. 
I'm smiling… are you?