Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Google+ and I Will Be Blogalicious

Tomorrow I head to Vegas for one of my favorite social media conferences, Blogalicious, the one and only blogging/social media conference for women of color.   Well... we recently let the men-folk in too.

I've been a part of Blogalicious for 3 of its 4 years in existence and this year I am especially excited to attend.
#1 - Um... VEGAS... Duh!
#2 - I'm speaking about the joys of Google Plus!

Yes, I am bringing the redheaded stepchild of the Internet to Blogalicious!
Apparently I am the only person in my blogging community that really uses it... at least that's what Justice Fergie said when she asked me to speak on it.  And yeah, well, it's kinda true because every time I attend an event, other friends and colleagues say the same thing.

The two things I hear the most from everyone is...
"I just can't get into it" and "I don't know anyone on Google Plus."

And with that, all of my G+ friends reading this right now did a collective eyeroll.

In their defense and as a social media professional, I understand the reluctance to "get into" and work to grow yet another community on yet another social network.
But Google Plus is different and can be a tremendous asset to your online presence when you think outside the regular social networking box and look beyond your obvious audience.
It will be a pleasure to share with the attendees how I've come to know and love this platform and how they, too, can do amazing things with it for their business and blogs.

But wait... there's more...
Just when you think it couldn't get more exciting...  I have the pleasure of sharing the stage with my new friend, Stacy Teet who will be dropping knowledge on the other hot new social network (and another one of my tech-addictions) Pinterest!!

Don't you wish you were going to Vegas?  I know you do!

I realize that a good number of you who read my work and connect with me online are NOT attending Blogalicious, but would like to know my G+ success story.  Never fear!  I didn't want to give away too much before the conference so I'm planning to share it next week when I return.

You can still catch all of the action as it happens because we all will be sharing our experiences in real time.  Follow @beBlogalicious on Twitter or check the #Blogalicious12 hashtag stream for your voyeuristic view of what happens in Vegas :)