Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Not a Runner...But I Played One at ZOOMA

Okay…so…it wasn't the half-marathon I promised you or the half-marathon I promised myself. Life happened and derailed my training efforts. I contemplated staying the course…doing the half anyway…because I said I would…because I wanted to do something epic.
Being real with myself and knowing my physical limits is epic.
Changing my mind and changing directions is epic.
I ran the 5K.

Me…ChatterBox Christie…who only runs when chased and even then will weigh the alternatives… RAN.
It doesn't get any more epic than that.

Nicole, Renee, "Aunt Kristi", Lorraine, and Me
I'll have to give it up to ZOOMA for making it easy for me. The race route at Lake Lanier was absolutely perfect! Plenty of shade and a nice breeze blowing off the water actually encouraged me to run more than I walked, despite the hills. I walked the uphills and ran the downhills and the straights…which means I ran about 75% of the race. With the mesmerizing scenery and dynamic "running playlist" that my online family helped me create, I hardly noticed how much I was actually running and ran for longer periods of time than planned.  It was almost like second nature.

I loved how ZOOMA intertwined the 5K route with the Half-Marathon route. I was so happy to cross paths with my "Runner Girls," Lorraine, Renee, and Nicole.  What a jolt of energetic inspiration that was! And thank God it was on a downhill/straight because I… like my boy, Forrest… was... ruh-ning… and they were my witnesses! Being on another running-roadtrip adventure with them is always epic!

My official time was 45 minutes, 59 seconds. My last 5K time (walking entirely) was 58 minutes and change. Needless to say... I am very proud of myself.

So the million dollar question is…will I run again?

The answer… Yes.
But hold on, don't get too excited…I need to explain some things first…
I am NOT a runner!
I do not love running.
I haven't even decided if I like it.
What I do like… actually love…is this experience. 
To travel with my friends…to be active…to have fun…to challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone (and my muffin top).
If the Half-Marathons they run have 5K's…even a 10K, will travel!

I haven't completely given up hope on the half, but right now, I'll just bask in the glow of my baby-steps.  As for ZOOMA…if you come to Lake Lanier again, I'm runnin' ya!