Friday, February 24, 2012

Running for My Life (#Flawless12 - Day 24)

Today we are challenged to do (or plan to do) something that scares us.
To push past our fears...
Put on our big-girl pants...
and do some epic shit.

The unknown outer rim of my comfort zone is both thrilling and terrifying.  It's time to take a sledgehammer to my cement shoes and step outside of it.
After all, that is where real life begins.

Since I have a lot that I need to push through, I thought of one thing I could do that would help me deal with all of them at one time... basically kill about 13.1 birds with one stone.

Oh God...what am I about to do?  (gulp)  Um, y'all...

I'm running a Half-Marathon!
I am participating in the ZOOMA Women's Race Series Half-Marathon/5K in Atlanta this coming April!

I know...I know... I have said a thousand times that I'm no runner.  I only run when chased and even then I'm gonna weigh my options.
Well...I'm kind of being chased right now!
Chased by my fears and the circumstances of my life that are threatening my very essence of being.

This is my year! 
I started this 39th year of life... challenging myself to be apologies.
To live my life out loud and not let anyone or anything make me feel that I don't deserve anything less that the best.

Running scares the shit out of me.
Staying stuck in the land of worry, fear, and shoulda-woulda-coulda scares me more.
So...I'm going to run for my life!
There are 13.1 miles in a half-marathon.
Each mile will represent a obstacle...a fear...a circumstance that I need to push through and leave in the dust of the past so that I can continue my forward movement.
When each mile is will I.

I'm kind of shaking as I type this.
The haters and naysayers in my own brain are sounding off.
Precisely why I need to do this.
I will do this.
I CAN do this!