Thursday, February 23, 2012

They're Playing My Song (#Flawless12 Day 23)

I should know better than to create a prompt that has to do with music. Especially music that empowers me.
My fight songs...
Songs that make me feel good about me.
Songs that remind me that I am human.
Songs that help me "do battle."
Songs that speak for me when I can't find the words. (Yes, that happens believe it or not)

I have an extensive list divided into categories and subcategories ready at a moments notice on my iPod whenever I need to hear them. Truthfully, I am resisting the urge to tell you about them all and what each one represents...complete with the lyrics so that you understand.  That would be a really really long post.

If you've followed my previous blog you may have seen a few of my favorites.  If you follow me on SoundTracking or have seen my posts on other social sites from SoundTracking, I've made my musical mantras known there as well.

My heart truly IS a stereo.

I do have one song that I have designated to be my "theme song."  It does what all of my other anthems and fight songs do...rolled into one...

War's "Why Cant We Be Friends" Album Cover
"Smile Happy" by War
(Why Can't We Be Friends Album)

Would you believe it's an instrumental?
Yes, ChatterBox Christie's theme song has no words!
What it does for me...words are unnecessary,

This song "gets inside me" with its Afro-Latin beat that starts off quiet and subtle... soft like it's tapping me on the shoulder.  It starts to build and swell...getting louder and the rhythm starts to fill me with love and light...inexplicable energy that makes me smile with every cell in my body.
It seriously does this every time I hear it.
I dance.  I laugh.  I cry tears of joy sometimes.
Whenever I need to get back to me...the heart of me...who I am and what I am...No apologies.
Whenever I need to feel like I can do anything...and no weapon formed against me shall prosper...
I just Smile...Happy