Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project #Flawless12 Day 2 - Making It Do What It Do

Day 2 of #Flawless12 is dedicated to giving ourselves a pat on the say "Girl, ya done good so keep it up!"   This is something I rarely, if ever, do. Hence why I thought this would be a perfect prompt for this challenge. I have done so many things...amazing things...and it seems I'm always waiting for someone else to tell me that it's amazing. I never take a step back and say "Damn, I did that...and damn, I'm good!"   Well, now's my chance, right? Here goes...

You totally rock for having the courage to care enough about your personal, emotional, spiritual, and professional health and step away from all things digital for 30 days to realign yourself with what matters. Not many could have done it (and they've told you so). See, you are braver than you thought :)

Do you realize you have maintained your healthy weight for two whole years?  Amazing! And you've done it without stressing or obsessing over it.  Keep dancing, girl...just keep dancing!

I know getting a job was hard for you to come to grips with, but I am so proud of you for not settling or selling your soul for a paycheck.  It's been an adjustment...but you are doing great now and you will continue to shine!

Your heart is in a million pieces right now...but somehow, you still find it in you to love.  Do you understand how special that makes you?

You ARE a good mother.  Nuff said.