Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#Flawless12 Day1: Me #nofilter

The courage to hold my phone above my head, smile, snap a picture (and I have an iPhone 3Gs so no two-way camera), and agree to accept the first picture taken no matter what. (I did crop it, though)
me #nofilter

To look at perfection in one of two ways... either it doesn't exist OR it is in the eye of the beholder.

Seeing the beauty and the lesson in a mistake...knowing that a set-back may very well be a set-up for something bigger...something better.

To walk through life without fear of being who I am meant to be...doing what it is in me to do...not letting anyone or anything stop my forward movement.

Laughing at myself...and with myself.

Knowing that a bad-hair-day is still a good day...especially with a cute hat.

Believing in infinite possibilities... it's never all or nothing...there's always a way.

This is Flawless defined by me.

What's your definition?

Would you like to participate in Project #Flawless12?