Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Working Blogger

Okay, I'm just gonna say it fast and get it over ripping off a band-aid... (sigh)...


Yes, like a real job.  Like a real I-have-a-boss-and-have-to-punch-a-clock job.  Like a real I-am-now-drawing-a-steady-paycheck job.  Not that I want to discount my years of blissful self-employment and imply that I never had a "real" job.  It was real...but it wasn't a job...if you catch my drift.

"The Grind" (via my instagram)
I've actually been looking for a job for a while now...probably about a year or so.  Obviously, it has been very difficult.
Difficult to find one.
Difficult to come to grips with needing one.
Difficult to process what it could possibly do to my creative life once I had one.

The last one being the worst of the three.  Knowing that my time to create and write would be severely limited...more than it already almost not worth the paycheck.  Alas, reality has set in.  Basic survival needs for me and, more importantly my children, trump creative freedom every time.

Knowing this, I could have taken any ol job that crossed my path. And as tempting as it was (or as desperate as I was) I couldn't. I'm sure those close to me wished I wasn't so particular about it.  Well, sorry.  I've been self-employed for ELEVEN years! Not only that, I've also been a stay-at-home mom...always available for my kids when they need me. If you've ever been blessed to know this kind of freedom, you know that there has to be SO much more than a fat-ass paycheck to make you give it up.

My prayers were answered.  My new job is a satisfying blend of near-perfect conditions.  I work for a small technology company. The office environment is funky, eclectic, geeky, and cool...with lots of natural light...perfect for me. I was hired for my digital media expertise, my enthusiasm, my creativity, and my entrepreneurial spirit. It's nice to know that I will finally be properly paid for it.   The hours are flexible and it's close to home so I can still keep my existing schedule for my kids.  And I still have time for my personal creative pursuits.
I will still write here.
I will still share my Perspectives.
Project #Flawless12 will go on as scheduled.

While things will change a bit...timeframes and deadlines slightly tweaked... I'm not giving anything up.

There are still adjustments to being a "working blogger." Like I can't talk to people on the phone or on chat during the day like I used to and no more middle-of-the-day influencer events or long lunches with friends.  But I've made my peace with that.  I feel like I now I have the best of both worlds...and I can live with that.