Thursday, March 6, 2014 Makes Blogging with Evernote Go Nuts

As a self-proclaimed (and should be certified) Evernote junkie, I got all tingly when I learned about is a blogging platform that is linked with Evernote...
That is you write and publish directly to the platform from Evernote...
In other words... transforms your Evernote into your blog!

It creates a dedicated notebook for your blog in your Evernote account.
You create notes as usual.
When you've got them looking all pretty with formatting and pictures, tag your note "published" and voila!
A freshly published post on!

Unlike sites such as Medium (which, as you know, I LOVE) IS an actual BLOG like Tumblr, Wordpress and (gulp) Blogger...
You can design the look and feel with the layout templates.
There is comment integration with Disqus.
It supports Google Analytics.
You can use a custom domain.
And the all important... social sharing.

For me, could seriously be a game-changer...

Since I draft all of my posts in Evernote anyway this is like effin' brilliant!
No more copying, pasting, and reformatting before I publish!
You've seen my posts... with all of my formatting and text changes...
This would save me at least 15 minutes in production time!
Not to mention publishing on the fly...
I'm always "drafting" wherever I go.  With this tool, I no longer have to wait until I get to my laptop AND have the time to sit and "tinker" with the post.
In my Evernote, it would be all ready... as is.

I can feel Blogger getting mad at me.

I'm sorry, but the current way of blogging is one of the reasons why I don't do it as often!
Writing is hard enough.
The formatting is what drives me crazy.  I'd like to only have to do it once!

You could argue that I can draft my posts right here in Blogger.
Um... no... I like having a saved draft of my work in my Evernote... I'm quirky like that.

You could say... Hey Christie, Blogger has a mobile app, you know?
Yes, I am aware of that and I have tried it.  My posts never come out looking like I want them to because I don't get an accurate visual of the finished product on the app.

So we are back to drafting in Evernote, copy, paste, re-format in Blogger... yadda yadda yadda...


I haven't made the decision just yet... but it is definitely worth some heavy consideration.
I'm going to play around with and see how it works for me.

Have you checked it out?  
Let me know what you think...