Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grabbing Some "Headspace" Just Got a Little Easier

When it comes to meditation, many are called but the chosen are few...
That is... lots of people try it, but not many stick with it.

It's not hard... but it's hard.
To actively train your brain to slow down... filter out the noise of random thoughts and demanding obligations...
To sit still and be literally and figuratively quiet...
Seriously, it could be considered an extreme sport.

I bet it's slightly difficult to believe that I, the Chatterbox, practice meditation.
Actually, it is essential to my well-being.
And definitely a huge part of #ProjectPresent.
Taking a few minutes to woossaahh everyday keeps stress to a low roar and increases clarity... and sanity.

When people learn that I practice meditation, I often get the "Oh I wish I could do that" or the "I've tried to meditate and it doesn't work" response.
Like I said, many are called, but the chosen are few.
In my opinion, the chosen are few because... well... they're doing it wrong and/or approaching it with the wrong attitude.

If they're not thinking they have to sit like a master yogi... legs twisted up in a pretzel... sitar music in the background... incense smoke billowing... chanting Ohm as the world magically falls completely silent and drifts away... then they are struggling with the concept of sitting still and doing nothing with their body or brain for a minute or five.

Enter my new best friend... Headspace.

Headspace is an app (web, iOS, and Android) that helps you "get your mind right" through daily guided meditations and motivational exercises and videos.

This is a perfect tool if you are brand-spanking-new to meditation.
It starts you off with a 10-day intro course in which you take a 10-minute guided meditation (that is, a recorded voice will walk you through the process of getting still and focusing your mind and body).
On the first day, there is an excellent video tutorial on what meditation is and what it does for your body.
Honestly, even as a practitioner, I have never had a better explanation!
I am a visual person so seeing it through clever animation gave me even more clarity and deeper insight into my existing practice.

What I like most about Headspace, besides how visually appealing it is, is how helpful it is with understanding the practice.
The creators know how difficult it can be to get started and to stick with it so they have tons of resources to assist you regardless of your "level."

I also LOVE the different "focus" programs available for different aspects of life like creativity, relationships, and work or school.

Now, you'll probably notice that this is a subscription-based service.
Kind of a turn-off but there is a lot you can still get for free.
If you are serious about incorporating regular meditation into your life in some way, going through the free 10-day course will certainly get you on your way.
You should be able to comfortably remove the "training wheels" after that if you want.

If you're like me... kind of a meditation ninja... you might want to keep going with the other programs.
It's roughly five bucks a month.
Skipping a trip to Starbucks for my mental health is certainly worth the sacrifice.

But don't take my word for it... Grab a little Headspace for yourself.
Let me know how it goes, m'kay?