Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Being Human

I bet you thought I went on another sabbatical and forgot to tell you, eh?
Ah… if it were only that simple.
I hate leaving things sort of hanging out there… especially since it seemed I was on a good roll with my storytelling momentum…
But life as we all know is always full of surprises.

Things were going good.
And then… they got GREAT… which, for me, is kinda rare… at least this kind of "great."
For the first time, in a long time, all aspects of my life were moving in a positive, productive, and profitable direction!
For the first time, in a long time, I was worry-free.
For the first time in a long time, I could say Life is Good with no hidden exceptions.

And then... things got crazy.
Still good, but it was a lot of good at one time… hitting me full on like a freight train.
Everything was spinning out of control but it was all good so I let it spin.
Why would I want to stop it? Truthfully, I was afraid to.
Who knows when the stars will align this perfectly again!
I summoned my inner Wonder Woman and dove in.
It's all good, right? So I can take it. I should take it. I'm supposed to take it.

And just like the prodigal son, the Multitask Master returned with a vengeance.
Being present was the furthest thing from my mind.
I turned burning midnight oil soaked candles at both ends into an art form.
I didn't care. It was all good.

And then… I broke.
I crashed… and burned. All systems shut down.
Translation… I got very sick.
Internally, I felt like I contracted the bubonic plague. Externally, I looked like I had been worked over by Mike Tyson.
I suddenly went from super-human to sub-human… and stayed there for the better part of three weeks.

Even when the going is good there is still only so much I can do... So much I can take.
But what do I do with this vast abundance of goodness and things going my way?
How can I say no or at the very least not now?
The answer is simple... I just have to. 
And if I don't do it on my own, at some point the spirit within will step in and take over... stand directly in my way and say "Sitchoassdown!"

Stress even from good things… positive things can have a negative physical affect.
Stress is stress... Even if I'm smiling.
None of this works if I am racked with physical pain.
I may be Wonder Woman in my head… but my body is human and it needed to heal.
How else would I be able to continue the work… let alone enjoy it?

And with that, being present resumed priority status.
I took care of only what my two hands could hold… and made peace with the things that had to be delayed or eliminated so that I could get well.

At last, I am feeling… and looking human again.
And the good?
Well... even with some slight revisions… is still all good.