Monday, August 19, 2013

Fruits of My Labor

At last!
My barren creativity tree is finally bearing fruit... sweet and plentiful.
It's almost harvest time.

In case you aren't catching the metaphors I'm throwing...
in a nutshell, I have a published work on the way.

Just like I never thought "Your Big Sister's Guide," would be my first published book...
I never thought the one on the way soon would be my second.
The first time, was a labor of love and while the public can enjoy it, publishing it fulfilled a personal need.
The second time is the same.  A labor of love.  A testimony to my truth.  A push forward.

Only a handful of people know about the one on the way.
Some of them are happy and can't wait for the launch.
Some of them are slightly disappointed that it's not one of my other works.
The one on the way is the key to the others seeing the light of day.

It is because I had the courage to publish this particular one at this time that my tree now bears fruit.
This one gave the tree life...
Cleared the weeds... rid it of pests... watered it... bathed it in sunshine.

It all begins with this one.
And we will never go hungry again.