Friday, June 21, 2013

Hitting the Books

I miss reading books.
I think would read more if I could afford books... or if I had a suitable electronic device on which to read them.
(yes, this tech junkie is still without a tablet)
Reading has always jump-started my creative writing... another reason for me to miss it besides shear joy.

A couple of weeks ago, in the airport, I found three books I want to addition to the two a friend recommended just days before.
That makes five.
Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I discovered two more.
When am I going to read SEVEN books?

I was SO tempted to buy one in the airport bookstore.
I'm being cheap.
Well... not really.
Times are tight in my little world of freelancing and I need to save all I can right now.
I can't justify the indulgence of purchasing a good book.
At the time, I was already regretting buying the overpriced coffee swedish fish I was snacking on.
My flight was delayed... I really wanted a book...
If I wasn't sure I'd lose my prime seat next to a power outlet at the gate, I would have gone ahead and splurged.
I wish I did.

Fast forward to last week...
I bought two books.
Yes, you heard correctly... TWO... and guilt-free, I might add.
Mostly because they were on sale... like $5 cheaper than they were in the airport or in Barnes & Noble!
But truthfully, I bought them because I deserve them!
I've denied myself simple pleasures for far too long... and really, denying my creative spirit is no small thing.

I decided to start with "The Happiness Project."
I feel deeply that choosing that book was no happy coincidence.
No accident that it was not on my list of books, yet it practically yelled at me from the shelf...
"You've got work to do... you're going to need my help... right now."

Books are always some form of an awakening for me.
I should never abandon them.