Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Sound of (Cyber) Silence

Nothing throws you into reflective mode like unexpectedly losing your wifi… 
It's funny how I forget that my computer will still work even without access to the internet.
It's funny how I forget that I can get so much more of my work done when I turn down the sounds of cyberspace.
Like I'm hiding from the world.
I won't see your email. I can't see your tags or @ replies.
No pings or dings or buzzing whatsoever.
It's like I'm not even there.
I have forgotten how wonderful the sound of cyber silence can be.
I've even turned off my lamp. The sun is up enough to give me a low natural glow to write by.
I hear winter birds chirping outside my window. Would you believe the internet drowns them out?
I am alone with my thoughts… and only my thoughts for once.
Not the thoughts and requests from my clients.
Not the thoughts and expressions of my friends and followers.
Just me and all of the ideas I've been trying to write for weeks that are currently rejoicing now that I have finally stopped to pay attention to them.