Sunday, February 3, 2013

Expression... By Any Means Necessary

Lately I've been filled with so much inspirational energy.
My creativity has opened up so much since I started purposely taking pictures.
Not that taking pictures is a foreign concept to me.  I've been an avid instagrammer for more than two years now.
But since this challenge began I have been very deliberate about my photos… wanting to get the right shot... but also finding unexpected treasures along the way.

#ProjectLife365 - Days 28-32
It makes me think about that scene in "Interview With A Vampire" when Louis has just been turned and he looks at the world with his newborn vampire eyes.
Everything is sharper… clearer… things that he would have never noticed before practically leaps out at him.
Everything… even the ordinary… was beautiful.

I'm not sure that photography is a true "calling" per se... but I am enjoying exploring it as method of enhancing my storytelling.  I love giving you a glimpse of my life through the lens of my iPhone.
Finding beauty in the mundane.
My LENSpiration, as I've come to affectionately call it.

Like last Tuesday when the daily inspiration prompt was RED!
What crazy selective perception I was experiencing that day!
It was like once I internalized that the theme was "red" that's all I saw all day.
Everything red jumped out at me and begged to be captured.
All other colors went black and white and faded into the background while all things red pushed forward in 3 D.
That's how I saw everything that I posted in the collage and it was so awesome.
I was giddy. I just wanted to walk around all day and find red stuff to shoot.

Okay… I'll admit, I've also been a little worried about how my new passion might be perceived… and received.
I even thought about starting a whole new blog for it… for like five minutes.
I almost talked myself into believing that something was wrong with it…
Like it's not what I'm supposed to blog about… or what I'm supposed to be about.
It's not my focus.
It's not my purpose.
And then I came to my senses.
Because my focus is telling stories.
My purpose is to creatively express myself by any means necessary.