Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ghosts of #NaNoWriMo Past

Okay, I'm just gonna say it...
Sometimes I just effin' crack myself up!

I'm working on a little project that... if I stay diligently focused today... I will finish and have ready for you tomorrow... Saturday at the latest!  I'm on a mission!  
Anyway... This project requires me to delve into my former blog posts and I found one that centered around my "accidental NaNo" novel.

If you read my last post, I explained how I sorta-kinda participated in the 2008 NaNoWriMo but didn't know it until after and how the experience took over my entire existence.
Well, I found this post in which I wrote a letter to my unfinished manuscript.
It's funny to me because I had forgotten that I had (have) a talent for talking to non-living things.'s a writer thing... what can I say?

Anyhoo... maybe you'll get a giggle out of it...maybe you won't...
Just thought I'd share another slice of my writer's life :)

Dear Fiction Manuscript That I Am Working On, 

Please leave me alone. 
Though I am very much in love with you and writing you has been one of the most blessed challenges...not to mention cathartic experiences of my life, my affair with you must at some point...some time soon...come to an end. 
My obsession with your completion is making me neglect the other areas of my life. 
My family (though they don't say it) is probably annoyed that my laptop is tethered to me more than usual. Dinner and clean clothes seem to be high on their list of priorities. 
Sleep is also something that you are depriving me of and my kids do that enough. 
I am really getting a little tired of you waking me at ungodly hours to spend time with you. 
You are also monopolizing all of my creative energy! 
My other blog and my poor newborn review site can't catch a break as long as you are taking my typing fingers and my overly taxed writer's brain away from them. 
They need me and I need them (family, blogs, and sleep). 
There is a way that we can all co-exist peacefully... and that is for you to help me wrap you up! 
No more new angles. No more new plot twists. No more new characters. Save it for the sequel. 
Yes, the sequel...or something new altogether...I am not completely abandoning you... we just need to take some time off... 

Thank you for your understanding,