Friday, June 22, 2012

Abraham Lincoln...Vampire Hunter...(sigh) SMH

I'm beginning to think that The Avengers has forever spoiled me for action movies.
While the promise of a bloody fantastic thrill ride hung in the air (pun completely intended), Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter fell short of my nearly non-existent expectations.

Prior to attending the advanced screening of the film last night, I knew nothing of this story other than it is a book.  I purposely averted my attention from commercials and refused to watch full trailers. I steered clear of any critic reviews.  I wanted a clear mind...a blank slate.  No expectations.  I tend to enjoy films that I really want to see when I do that...

(sigh)  Except this one.  (sigh)

Okay, so it wasn't entirely horrible.
The story was interesting.  How it wove the existence of vampires into the fabric of our nation's history was pretty clever.  A few interesting and unexpected historical figures made appearances to add intrigue.  But the pace was a tad too slow.

Over-the-top fight scenes were definitely to be expected, if not warranted, from this type of film but I thought I would never say that it was taken too far...
It was taken too far!  To the point of being kind of annoying
You'll root for old Abe, but he doesn't make you want to stand up and cheer.
And further more...(I can't believe I'm about to say this about a vampire movie produced by Tim Burton) NOT ENOUGH BLOOD!!!
I'm still trying to figure out why it has an "R" rating.

(sigh)  Again...I blame The Avengers.  (sigh)

It is somewhat entertaining...a guilty pleasure, if you will.  But nothing at all to "write home" about, to say the least.  While my friends at 20th Century Fox would probably want me tell you to check it out this weekend in theaters, I must be honest and say it's not worth the full price of admission.  
Sorry gang...this is definitely a #WFRB movie... that is, "wait for RedBox."