Thursday, February 9, 2012

Doing It Right Wrong (Project #Flawless12 Days 8 and 9)

You're doing it wrong!
I cannot tell you how many times I've heard that!
The funny thing is...whatever it was I was supposedly doing wrong, always got the right result. Sooooo...if the end result is correct... then how the hell am I doing it wrong?

Day 8 of #Flawless12 is taking what be believe to be our worst feature and describing it as our best.  Day 9 is describing something ordinary that you do in an extraordinary way.  I will sum them both up in something I shared with the #Flawless12 Subscribers...

I am a "special" person. 
I have a numeric dyslexia-type-thing...thank goodness for phones that save numbers.
I have a processing problem...meaning that I do not readily comprehend what I read right takes me a minute.
I have diagnosed Adult ADHD...and my "H" is not hyperactivity, it's anxiety.
Along with all of that, I am a non-traditionalist to the bone!
I don't do ANYTHING like everyone so-called normal people.
In fact, I can't!
It's not a choice.
I mean, who would choose to be difficult?
Traditional and ordinary methods of execution for the simplest of tasks can sometimes be very difficult...overwhelming...for me.
I HAVE to do things in a way that make sense for me.
Most of the time, they make no sense to other people.
I'm always told I'm doing it wrong...or that's not a good way...or "all you have to do is just ____"
But I always get the job done.
Shouldn't that be the only thing that matters?

This is the first time I've ever disclosed all of the above about flaunting my flaws, eh?