Monday, January 2, 2012

Boiling Point

corn at my mama's house via instagram
You know how they say "a watched pot never boils?"  That's bullshit.  The pot does eventually boil.  It just takes forever when you're staring at it waiting for something to happen.  How many of you have even turned the fire up a little higher thinking that will move things along?  Anyone add a little salt to the water?  Nothing, right?  Watching it only pisses you off.  All you can see is it doing everything in the world except boil.  Boil, dammit!  Yeah, yelling at it doesn't work either.

Just walk away. Go do something else.  Fill your precious time with something that most likely needs your attention, but you've been too focused on that stupid pot.  Leave it alone.  You're smart and you know better.  You've done this before a hundred times.  Yes, it's a different day...a different time...a different "meal."  Maybe even a different pot.  But the basic principle is still...and will always remain the same.

You've done the work.  You put the water in the pot and on the stove.  You've turned up the heat.  That's all you are required to do.  You can do no more than that right now...and you shouldn't.  All you need to do is believe what you already know to be true.  Relax.  It's gonna freakin' boil!

Marinate on that for a bit...