Sunday, December 11, 2011

A New Write Space

I've been kind of reluctant to invite anyone over to my "new space" because I didn't think it was ready for visitors.

It's funny how starting a new blog is like moving to a new physical space...a new home. Wanting everything to be perfect and beautifully decorated before inviting anyone over to see it. Wanting it to be show-ready and photo-worthy. Running ragged to throw paint on the walls and going broke purchasing furniture before "the holidays" or "the housewarming." Practically getting high off of the anticipation of "oohs and aahhs" from our approving guests.

It never dawned on me how completely ridiculous, albeit ass-backwards, this way of thinking is... until just now. This is the perfect time for me to invite you into my "new home." When the walls and floors are completely bare and this, the first post, is like the sofa covered in drop cloth and coffee table made from milk crates. You've come over with a bottle of wine (or venti cups of coffee depending on the time of day) and an open mind. Together we sit, sip, and muse about whatever comes to mind...notebooks, sketch-pads (or iPads), paint brushes in hand. At this stage, the possibilities are endless.

When you come back there will be more to see. I probably will have photos up. I will have found some cool things to show you. I will share the the things that inspire me. And the next time you return, there will be even more.

I'd forgotten how much beauty there is in watching something "become."

In this era, the days of "extreme makeover," it's easy to get caught up in wanting to make a quick change and total transformation as not to lose any ground or favor...or Klout. Like it would be a sin if someone walked into your "space" and the scaffolding was still up.

My life is a work in progress. always a journey. My work is ever-evolving. There will always be scaffolding.