Monday, July 21, 2014

It Can Wait

I was sitting at the pool, poised and ready to get work done while at the kids' swim practice.
Despite a splitting headache and substantial cloud cover stabbing my productivity in the throat, I managed to get a sizable chunk of my assignments completed before leaving.
As I sat there... scanning websites, inboxes, news feeds, etc., the sounds of happy squeals and splashing pierced through the force field of professional focus.

I looked up from my iPad to see my son and his classmates bobbing up and down like little buoys, dunking themselves under the water just enough to say they did it. 
I caught a glimpse of my daughter, who just a few lessons ago learned to do the "freestyle," gliding across the water like she's done it all her life.

I returned to scanning.  
Flipping from app to app.
Checking my phone which has not made a single noise indicating it needed to be acknowledged.  
No notifactions. 
No new messages since the last time I checked...two minutes ago.  

It hit me that I didn't really have anything that important to do right then... but I was looking for it.  
Actually hunting around like Indiana Jones for something to make every second count!
All the wrong seconds.

That swim lesson is one hour out of my day.  
One hour to watch my kids be great.
To watch my son punch fear in the face and step outside his comfort zone.
To watch my daughter be so effortlessly brave that I wish I was just like her when I was her age... and at this age.

Who else in a single-serving-life can do this?
Who has the luxury of pushing pause on a full-time work day... right smack dab in the middle of have this experience?
I don't know many.

I could argue that the luxury is in fact that I can do both.
At least I was there, right?
I was there... but I wasn't present.
I was plugged in to the wrong thing.

Yes, the luxury IS that I can do both... but it's not always necessary.
Today... it was not necessary.

Whatever it is I think I should be doing... 
In these moments... precious and can wait.