Friday, March 21, 2014

DIVERGENT Doesn't Disappoint...Unless You've Read The Book, Maybe

This week, I got to check out an advanced screening of the new movie, DIVERGENT and I've got to say... It is nothing short of awesome sauce!

I was a bit worried about it being a Hunger Games knock-off as this seems to be a growing trend in the world of young adult literature, but while there were similar themes, the story was completely different and rather fascinating in concept.

I loved it!
I thought it was fantastic from start to finish.
An exciting pace... good fight and action sequences... intrigue and touches of suspense.
All good stuff...

That is... if you've never read the book (or any of the books in the series).

I haven't read the books.
I actually had no knowledge of what the story was about at all!
So that's probably why I liked it.

I was sitting next two a couple of ladies who have read the books so I was anxious to get their thoughts when the film was over.
They had the stank-face when the credits rolled.
I can't say that I was shocked as this is a common occurrence when hollywood completely butchers a perfectly good work of fiction.

While they fully expected hollywood to take creative license, they felt that there were far too many changes to the story and more specifically, changes to characters.
We discussed other book-to-film adaptations in this genre, such as The Hunger Games and Twilight trilogies.
In their opinion, those films did a way better job at keeping the book's integrity than Divergent.

Now... see... that just chafes my hide!
And ensures that I will probably never read the books because I don't want the movie... or the books... to be ruined for me now!
It also makes me mad that I enjoyed the movie so much... I feel like such a traitor!


Well... All is not completely lost for you fans of the book...

The ladies did say that the movie was very good from an entertainment perspective.
Like me, they thought the action, etc. was great.
If they didn't already know the story and weren't constantly making comparisons, they definitely would have enjoyed it more.

I also saw a few reviews online where some lovers of the book said the movie was better! 
Personally, that worries me, but who am I to judge.

So... If you haven't read the book, Divergent is a definite must-see!
If you have read the book... 
I say, keep an open mind and go anyway.