Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bringing Mom Out of The Dark Ages with Aio Wireless

We all have one.
That one relative that practically refuses to come into the existing century by upgrading to the latest technology...and by extension, making communicating with them difficult.
My relative is my mother.

Now don't get me wrong... she's pretty tech-savvy for the most part... except when it comes to her mobile phone.
Thank goodness she finally pried herself away from her beloved flip phone... only to trade it in for a so-called smart phone that would be better used as a doorstop.
A flip-phone with a touch-screen, if you will.
And you know she thought she was doing something, right?

Mom:  See, I have apps too!
Me: No, Mom, you have "icons" those are not apps.


Nearly everyone she regularly communicates with has either an iPhone or an Android phone.
She sees how easy it is for all of us to share information with one another.
Not to mention how we are able to access information on the go... you know... important things like... um... directions.
She swears she doesn't need more than what she has but there has been more than one... five... ten occasions where she's needed a far more technologically advanced piece of equipment.
And if she didn't need it, she certainly envied it.
Not having to stand in line at Chipotle is quite impressive.

The real reason behind staying in the dark ages is not wanting to pay what she considers "smart phone" prices every month for her wireless service.
I cannot tell you how many times she talks about how she only pays $40 a month for her phone and we have to pay sooooooo much more for ours.
I cannot tell you how many times she's cussed out that phone when she says "Call Christie" and it answers back "Calling Stewart."

Enter Aio Wireless... just in time for a shiny new year!
Aio is an absolutely perfect service for the stubborn... I mean budget-conscious consumers who want and need the most tech bang for their buck.

Aio is ridiculously simple and on a reliable nationwide network.
No annual contracts and all phone plans include unlimited talk, text, and data, with taxes and fees included - the price you see is the price you pay. Plans range from $40 to $70 per month.
Knowing that you can get an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Nokia Lumina with a truly unlimited plan definitely got mom thinking more seriously about an upgrade.

What impresses me most about Aio is how they really value customers and truly want to meet their needs.
True, there are wireless companies that are offering deals on phones and plans but you have to enter into two-year contracts AND buy the phone from them!
Not at Aio
You can buy your phone first from wherever you want.
As long as it is compatible, you can activate it through Aio and bask in the savings and service.

So... Mom is pretty much sold.
Now to decide on the phone... (sigh)

But don't just take my word for it... check out Aio Wireless for yourself!

This post was sponsored by Aio Wireless through The bLink Marketing Network.  All opinions shared are my own.