Thursday, October 10, 2013

The 40 Do Over - Birthday Wishes Before The Candles

Last year's milestone birthday did not exactly go according to plan.
Well… mostly because I didn't exactly have one… a plan, that is.
Not that I didn't want to… I had hoped to have some sort of mega blow-out for my 40th birthday, but circumstances and finances at the time didn't allow it.
While I did enjoy the company of my closest local friends and family who always go out of their way to make me feel special and loved, the way 40 came and went still left me wanting a do-over.
This year, as luck would have it, circumstances and finances are allowing me to take a proactive approach to birthday number 41.

I've never been one of those people who celebrate for the entire month of their birthday, but this year, I am. I need a do-over.  I've got to redeem 40 and do 41 right!

I've made a birthday wish list.
This is a list of things I want and adventures I'd like to have during this month of celebration.
We are 10 days into October so I'm a little late with this post.
Hey sue me… I've had a lot going on!
I've already had a couple of adventures that I will be sharing shortly. You can get an idea of what they were by checking out my Instagram feed.
My other wish list is to the right in the sidebar and on Pinterest

This is not me doing a virtual sit on Santa's lap hoping that gifts from my list will start arriving on my doorstep between now and the 27th.
These are things that I want… that I've wanted for a long time… some are needed… but they are little (or big) indulgences that I have denied myself for whatever reason I have given myself to justify passing them up.
It's my birthday month and I need a do-over, dammit!
Whether they are given to me or I give them to myself, I will allow myself to enjoy these treasures 100% guilt-free!

As the month goes on I will be sharing the progress of "The 40 Do Over" and I've got a BIG finale planned which includes a gift to you!

So stick around and celebrate with me as I continue to sail into the fabulous forties in style!