Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Apparently, I'm Not a Writer...Yet...

I thought I was a writer until I saw this list.
You probably thought I was a writer, too... until you saw this list.
I've lulled myself into thinking I was a writer because I do 75% of this list on a daily basis.
I've even done #3 twice.

So... Why am I not a writer?

Number Seven.

According to this list, I am not a writer.
I worry about rejection.
I worry about publication.
This worry is why in a decade of writing, I only have ONE published book.
This worry is why my two #3's... and the dozens of unfinished pieces are collecting dust in DropBox.
This worry is effin' stupid.

So... What am I gonna do about it?

Well... I'm going to be a writer!

To be continued...